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The Spire
September 16, 2014   Vol. 4, No. 37
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Worship With Us
September 21, 2014

Morning Worship, 10:30 AM, in the Sanctuary or Charter Chapel 

Dr. Brian Lee will continue his series of messages addressing various stages of life with his message titled "When Your Grown Children Go Astray," based on II Samuel 18:33. See Dr. Lee's paragraphs below about this message and the follow-up (4:00 PM) session.


Sanctuary Choir and Orchestra will present "I Will Glorify Your Name" and "Press On" under the direction of Hiram Rollo. Other special music includes a solo trumpet presentation of "Come, Thou Fount" by Dr. Leonard Candelaria.


Preschool Worship and Kids in Christ:

At a designated time during the Worship Service, FOURS and FIVES will be guided to Preschool Worship; children in Grades 1-4 will be guided to the Music Hall for Kids in Christ. 


When Your Grown Children Go Astray - Helping or Enabling

On Sunday, September 21, I will be a sharing a message that will speak to parents whose adult children are struggling.  Through it, I hope that these parents will be encouraged and given some insights into how best to deal with such a challenging situation.  It is also a time for all parents to consider how they can best relate with their adult children whether struggling or not.


Then at 4:00 in the Music Suite, I will be teaching a one time session called "Helping or Enabling."  This session will provide valuable information to all parents of adult children who want to make sure that they are actually helping their children to be responsible and self-reliant rather than enabling them to remain irresponsible and dependent.  Even if your adult child is doing well, there are times when we as parents can slip into an enabling role which doesn't help us or our child.


So I hope you will take advantage of this special opportunity to explore an area of parenting that is often overlooked.  Once again, the session is called "Helping or Enabling."  It will be held in the Music Suite this Sunday, September 21 at 4:00. 


Extended Teaching Care

September 21, 2014 

Corri Edwards, Ann Jordan, Michele Parker, Jacqueline Stover, Rita Lakeman, Nick Toth, Lauren Toth, Glenn Bridges, Andrea Sledge, Sheila Bridges, Henry Sledge, Mike Helton, Susie Helton, Samantha Vines, Mattie Buford, Victoria Perry.  


If you are not able to be here, please find a substitute, and let your coordinator or Corri know as soon as possible.


Our Church Family
Photos for On-line Directory

If you did not have a chance to have your/your family's picture taken for our on-line directory, there will be two make-up days for you to be included in our upcoming directory. Our photographer, Ken Boyd, will be available on the following days:

  • Wednesday, September 17, 4:45 - 6:00 PM
  • Sunday, September 21, immediately after morning worship

Reception Honoring Lynda Ellison

You are invited to come Sunday, September 21, beginning at 8:30 AM, to a reception honoring Lynda Ellison as she retires from her position as Pastor's Administrative Assistant. Please plan to arrive early for Sunday School; drop by the Fellowship Hall to thank her for her 28 years of service and to express your good wishes to her.


A Note of Thanks

Thank you, Church Family, for the many cards, visits, words, and prayers during Ron's surgery and recovery, the death of my mom, and the birth of our grandson. You have meant so much to us and we have felt God's presence.


Ron and Debbie Musgrove



Toward a Five Year Plan

Message from Brian Lee:


As we continue to explore the recently adopted five-year plan for Shades Crest, we come to the third major objective which focuses on how to best reach the 18-44 year olds in our community.  After comparing the demographics of Shades Crest to the Bluff Park community, we learned that the percentage of 18-44 year olds who attend our church is significantly lower than those who live in the community.  Of course, we are not alone in this struggle. Many established churches have similar difficulties.


The reasons for this are many including changes in church attendance patterns in general and the differing mindset of the post-modern generation.  Nevertheless, we are called to reach these younger adults.  To do this, the ministerial staff will be seeking to better understand what we can do to increase the effectiveness of our ministry to this age group.


As a part of this learning process, a special listening session will be held this Sunday, September 21, immediately after worship.  All young adults 18-44 are invited to this session which will include lunch and an opportunity to share your thoughts with us.  Childcare is also available.  Reservations for lunch and for childcare need to be made by calling the Church Office as soon as possible.


In addition to this listening session, we will be exploring how we can increase our exposure to those who live outside of the Bluff Park area.  We will also seek to monitor the feedback we receive from younger adults who do attend our church to learn from them as well.  Our hope is to learn as much as possible in order to better impact this up and coming generation.


Unlike some congregation who focus on young adults to the exclusion of other age groups, our approach will seek to respect the value of all people regardless of their age.  Furthermore, our goal is not to pattern ourselves after other churches who happen to be more successful in impacting this age group.  While we can learn from them, we need to find the unique expression of ministry that upholds Shades Crest’s values.  Nevertheless, we will need to be open to reevaluating and adjusting our ministry as we learn more of what is needed.


I hope you will pray for our young adults who are a vital part of our church’s current ministry and its future.  We are thankful for them and look forward to learning from them and partnering with them as we move into the future God has for us.





Honor individuals or groups through the Charter Fund, with designated gifts to go to the general fund or to specific ministries within the church. The funds are administered through our partner, The WMU Foundation, with all income earned from the funds to support the ministries of Shades Crest Baptist Church for future generations. Contact Joel Bragg at 823-4043 or with your questions.


LLL (Live Long and Love It)
Thursday, Sep 18, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM, Fellowship Hall

Come this Thursday to enjoy a wonderful program presented by the popular author, Jon McClure. His book Alabama’s Best Restaurants Cookbook will surely inspire you as we look at some of today’s most popular restaurants and famous restaurants which are now closed. Books will be available to purchase at $20 per copy. These will make excellent coffee table books or gifts for family or friends. Please bring a covered dish to share and $1 to cover the cost of tea and coffee.


Young Adult Lunch/Listening Session

As a part of our newly adopted five year plan, we are needing to hear from our 18-44 year olds concerning church and how we may be more effective in ministering and reaching this age group. If you are an 18-44 year old, you are invited to a luncheon/listening session THIS Sunday, September 21, immediately after worship. Reservations will be needed for both the luncheon and childcare and may be made by calling the Church Office, 822-1360.


Flu Shot Clinic

Walgreens will be offering flu shots at Shades Crest Baptist Church (in the Gallery) Wednesday, September 24, 1:30 - 5:00 PM.  The cost is $25.99; payment may be made by cash, check, or credit card. Medicare members' shots are FREE of charge (must bring your Medicare card).


A Very Special LLL Event
Sunday, Sep 28, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM, Fellowship Hall

On September 28, we will have a very special day dedicated to our retired or soon-to-retire adults.  The Sunday morning message will focus on the challenges and joys this segment of our population faces. Make plans now to attend both Sunday School and Worship.


On this same Sunday, there will be a prepared dinner at 5:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall.  The cost for this meal is just $5.00 per person.  Following dinner we will enjoy the wonderful bluegrass sound of the group "Crisco Road,"  a group is under the leadership of Gary Furr, pastor of Vestavia Hills Baptist Church. The program will be filled with laughter, fun, great music, and fellowship.  


Realizing that some may be uncomfortable driving at this time in the evening, we are prepared to provide transportation to and from the event for anyone who may desire it.  All you need do is to call Lynda Ellison or Mark Johnson at 822-1360 to make your reservation for a ride to and from the event.  We want everyone to be able to attend this very special evening.

Contact: Mark Johnson, 822-1360

Women on Mission Update

Remember the Arts and Crafts Fair on Saturday, October 4.  If you would like to be a vendor, please call Donna Henry, 822-7785 or the Church Office, 822-1360. Volunteers are needed that day, as we will be opening our doors to the community. Also, we need our members to provide items for a bake sale.


We are pleased to announce that in 2013, Shades Crest was given an award as being one of Alabama's top ten contributors to the Kathleen Mallory Offering for State Missions! Please note that September is the month for our emphasis for State Missions; Shades Crest's goal is $500. You will find in your October envelope box the special envelope for the Kathleen Mallory Offering.

Contact: Mary Swedenburg, 403-9941

More Missions for Women

Looking for your place in the mission of God? Join other interested women at 7:00 PM, Room 102, Monday, October 20, to explore launching a new Women on Mission group.

Contact: Janet Erwin, 354–3338.

Share your Talent with our Community

Crest Fest is coming!  We will gather outdoors for some good food and good times and invite our community to join us. Crest Fest will include gospel and blue grass music groups, but we are looking for a few additional individuals or groups to share your talents on Wednesday evening, October 29, 5:00-7:00 PM. Please consider this as an opportunity to share Christ in a different way. If you have a talent to share, contact Denis Tanner ( as soon as possible.

Contact: Denis Tanner

Position Available

Shades Crest is looking for a Communications Administrative Assistant to work part-time as a member of the office staff.  Hours are M-Th (9:00 AM to 3:00 PM) and Friday (9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon).  The ideal candidate would have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office, ability to relate warmly to members and guests, capacity to manage details and deadlines, a commitment to professionalism and confidentiality, and a desire to serve.  Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to the Personnel Committee by September 21. Salary is negotiable.



We have walkers, wheelchairs, shower chairs and other medical equipment available. If you know someone who has a need, or if you have items you wish to donate, contact one of the managers: Donna Henry, 253-7785 or Rita Lakeman, 837-2715.


Adopt a College Student

If you would like to "adopt" or become a prayer partner for a Shades Crest college student, please call the Church Office (822-1360) or talk with Denis Tanner.


The following suggestions are provided to those who wish to ''adopt'' students:

· Invite the student out to eat or to your home during the week.

· Pray regularly for your student and phone/text him or her periodically.

· Provide the use of a washer and dryer.

· Provide a quiet place to study or to hang out.

· Meet for coffee close to campus once a month or when you have time.


Students/Young Adults

College students are invited to join us for the Passion Conference in Atlanta, Georgia January 2 thru 4.  Purchase your Passion 2015 tickets today for discounted prices thru the Passion website.


Thank You, Retreat 78 Chaperones

Thank you to Hubert Couch, Caroline Dunne, Kym Mitchell, Leah Parker, Jason Sasser, Preston Smith, and Caleb Tanner for helping Denis Tanner on the Retreat 78 to Shocco Springs. Thirty-four students participated in this retreat which was especially for 7th & 8th grade students!


Shades Crest Calendar
Fellowship Supper Menu: September 17

pork loin, flame-roasted vegetables, coleslaw, roll, dessert


Kids' Brown Bag menu:

mini-burger, Go-Gurt, apple, cookie




Weekend Minister on Call

September 19-21     Hiram Rollo      902-9619


September 21-27
Sunday, September 21
  8:15 AM Orchestra Rehearsal

  9:15 AM

Sunday School
10:30 AM Morning Worship
11:45 AM
Lunch/Listening Session for Ages 18-44, F. H.
  4:00 PM
Helping or Enabling Session with Brian Lee, Music Hall.
  5:30 PM
Youth Choir Rehearsal
  6:30 PM Sanctuary Handbell Choir Rehearsal
Monday, September 22
  9:00 AM Adult Fitness Class
  Senior Moments
Tuesday, September 23
  8:00 AM Mimi and Me Fitness, FLC
Wednesday, September 24
  9:00 AM
Adult Fitness
  1:30 PM Flu Shot Clinic, Gallery (until 5:00 )
  4:45 PM

Fellowship Supper Begins

  5:00 PM

Children's Handchimes/Handbells

  5:55 PM

Preschool/Children's Choirs

  6:00 PM

Midpoint Worship



  6:35 PM

Preschool/Children's Missions

  7:00 PM Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal
Thursday, September 25
  8:00 AM Mimi and Me Fitness, FLC
10:30 AM
Mountainaires' Choir Rehearsal, Music Hall
Friday, September 26
Saturday, September 27
10:00 AM Sanctuary Choir Christmas Rehearsal

September 14, 2014 Summary


Weekly Ministry Budget Need:

$       29,054

Ministry Budget Gifts Sept. 8-14

$       18,331

Wkly Needs exceed Gifts Sept. 8-14

$      -10,723  

Total Month-to-Date Gifts

$       54,693


Found Faithful Gifts Sept. 8-14
$         3.424   
Total Month-to-Date Gifts: $         9,235
Commitments to date: $     921,175 
Total Gifts to date beginning 1/1/12 $     877,991   

Sunday School Attendance September 14

Worship Attendance September 14



















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10:30am Worship


Wednesday Evening - The Gathering

4:45pm Fellowship Dinner

6:00pm Prayer Service

Activities for Children & Youth

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