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The Spire
July 22, 2014   Vol. 4, No. 29
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Worship With Us
July 27, 2014

Morning Worship, 10:30 AM, in the Sanctuary or Charter Chapel 

This coming Sunday morning, Dr. Brian Lee, using scripture from Acts 2: 44-47, will continue the sermon series titled "Church As It Was Meant to Be," leading us to discover more qualities of a properly functioning New Testament church, its challenges, and how best to become such a church in our day.


Special music will include a piano prelude and congregational singing of the hymn "I Stand In Awe of You," the Sanctuary Choir's presentation of "At Calvary" and a flute offertory "My Faith Has Found a Resting Place," to be presented by Anne Graves. As we observe the Lord's Supper, the Sanctuary Choir and congregation will be led by Hiram Rollo to sing a special arrangement of "What Wondrous Love Is This."


FOURS will be guided to Preschool Worship in Room 127. Older children will worship with their families in the Sanctuary during the summer months.


Click on ""Podcasts" to access previous sermons.


Come to the Table

The Lord's Supper will be observed during the worship service this Sunday. If you usually sit in the balcony, please plan to join us downstairs to expedite the serving of the elements.



A sense of anticipation pervaded the hallways before the worship started last Sunday. Lots of people stopped me in various moments to express their expectation about the choir anthem. Apparently, choir members were excited about “Then Sings My Soul” and became contagious when sharing their own anticipation with others.


Let me make a quick detour here to say that, in my opinion, choir practice on Wednesday night is much more than a time to learn new music. It’s already an offering of worship. We sing. We pray. We reflect on the message we want to communicate. We unite our hearts around one purpose. We learn to appreciate the contribution each person brings to the mix. In other words, it’s a very meaningful opportunity to use our talents for the glory of God. If you want to check us out, please make plans to join us for an open house rehearsal on August 13.


Back to the main subject… Last Wednesday’s final preparation of the anthem for this past Sunday was powerful. God’s presence in that room was real, and I couldn’t wait for the weekend. However, the more I prepared for Sunday, the more I questioned my own expectations about the worship service. Was my excitement generated by the beautiful music planned for it or by the love for the Lord to whom that beautiful music would be presented?


That’s when I cried in prayer, asking Him to help me remain faithful to my love for Him. That first love. That genuine passion. That authentic connection with Him. After all, as much as I love music, worship is not about the songs we sing. Worship is about the Lord Almighty, who saved us with His amazing grace. Music is only a means... Not an end in itself.


When we approached the conclusion of the worship service, I was filled with amazement and awe. I’m not ashamed to share that tears rolled down on my face. Not simply because of the music. Above all, it was something greater than we could imagine… beyond what an order of worship looks like on a sheet of paper. I call it, “standing in awe of God’s presence.”


When we come to worship this Sunday, I’m praying that once again we come with a deep sense of anticipation. I hope there will be a longing to be in God’s presence. My prayer is that we come to show with passion our love for Him. May we come with the desire to express our adoration with freedom, and this Sunday, may the following lyrics be a genuine expression of the longing of our hearts:  “I stand, I stand in awe of You. Holy God, to whom all praise is due, I stand in awe of You.”


Hiram Rollo



Extended Teaching Care

July 27, 2014

Kelly Baker, Charlotte O'Barr, Linda Vining, Courtney Zimmer, Mona Simmons, Geni Bomar, Kanita Reed, Jeff Baker, Greg Bomar, Trey Dowdey, April Dowdey, Lesley Turner, Anna Marie Auchmuty, Emily Newsome


If you are not able to be here, please find a substitute, and let your coordinator or Corri know as soon as possible.


Our Church Family
Hospital Concerns

Mary Swedenburg - released


History Room Open House

The History Committee invites you to visit the Shades Crest History Room, which opened in May.  We will have Open Houses on the following dates and invite you to stop in and see the many interesting items on display:

  • Wednesdays, July 23 and 30, from 4:00 until 6:00 PM
  • Sunday, July 27, immediately following morning worship

Update - School of the Arts

The Music and Worship Committee met last week to discuss matters related to the School of the Arts. A decision was made to put SOTA on hold for a year. A variety of reasons led the committee to conclude that we are not in a position to offer music/arts lessons at Shades Crest this coming school year.


At the same time, the Music and Search Committee also recommends that an ad hoc committee be formed with the purpose of reexamining SOTA, including its philosophy, ministry, outreach, funding and director's replacement. In other words, this new committee will have the responsibility to discuss the entire package and present recommendations to the church.



A Word About The Church Budget

Good News!  Because we are a church, we are not required to pay for electricity, water, phone, or other utilities during the summer months.  That's great isn't it!? It would be IF IT WERE TRUE.  However, just like it is for all of us, the church's financial obligations continue even during the summer months.  In fact, because of heavy programming expenses during the summer, these are some of the more demanding months on our budget.  So when you are away on vacation or other family get-aways, remember that your faithfulness in giving is just as needed in the summer as it is during the remainder of the year.  Thank you.


Your Help Is Needed

We are in need of volunteers for Extended Teaching Care and Kids in Christ for the coming year.  If you would be willing to help care for preschoolers or help with Kids in Christ just one Sunday every other month, or willing to serve as a substitute, please contact Corri.  This is such an important ministry to young families in our church, allowing them to attend worship.  Your willingness to help is greatly appreciated! 

Contact: Corri Edwards,

WEE AfterCare and Substitute Opportunities

For the 2014-2015 WEE school year, we are looking to hire individuals for AfterCare positions and to recruit substitutes. Please contact Laura Tadlock, Weekday Director at for more information.



Passport Intern Housing Needed

Do you have a garage apartment, pool house, finished basement, vacation home, spare room, or some other place where a Passport intern could live (low cost or free) during the upcoming year, August to May?  If so, please contact Scott Ford, or 205-822-1990.


School Supplies Needed

School supplies are needed for families assisted through the Food Pantry at The Ministry Center at Green Springs. Please donate by placing articles in the boxes located at the building entrances. Items most needed are markers, colored pencils, composition books, filler paper, pencil erasers, glue sticks, folders.


Contact: Ray or Sandy Flynn, 823-3044

Family Night at Chick-fil-A

Join us for a family dinner out at Chick-fil-A at the Galleria on Monday, July 28 from 5:30 to 7:00 PM. Hope to see you there!

Contact: Corri Edwards,

Students/Young Adults

Students will be hearing about the Super Summer Experience this Wednesday, July 23! Meet in the Youth Room from  6:00 -7:00 PM.


Magnificent Mondays
Monday, Jul 21, 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Students are encouraged to invite a friend to Magnificent Mondays. They will meet for Bible study (homes listed below) from 7:00 - 8:00 PM and should bring a Bible, pen and notebook.

Girls:   home of Luanne and Dennis Dunne, 3841 Carisbrooke Cir, 979-6447, leader - Abby Day

Guys: home of Tim & Laura Jackman, 4208 Memorial Park Cir, 335-5966, leader - Trent Dunne

Monday, July 28, after the Bible study, all youth will meet together from 8:00 – 9:30 PM for a swim at the home of Tim & Mitzi Webster, 2464 Glascott Pt. Parents, pick up participants at the FLC by 10:00 PM.


College Group

College students are invited to join us this Sunday as David Anderson, John Morris and Elizabeth Berg come together as the new Sunday School class leaders.


Also, mark your calendars for a Thursday, July 31 Lake Party to be held at Tom and Celia Hatch's home. Come for tubing and skiing. Guys should bring a snack to share; girls should bring a drink to share. All should bring $10. Lunch will be provided.


Shades Crest Calendar
Weekend Minister on Call

July 25-27     Mark Johnson      531-8698           


July 27 - August 2
Sunday, July 27

  9:15 AM

Sunday School
10:30 AM Morning Worship
  4:00 PM Personnel Cmte. Mtg., R. 104
Monday, July 28
  9:00 AM Adult Fitness Class
  Senior Moments
  5:30 PM Family Night at Chick-Fil-A (Hwy 150)
  7:00 PM Magnificent Mondays for Youth
Tuesday, July 29
   8:00 AM Mimi and Me Fitness, FLC
Wednesday, July 30
  9:00 AM
Adult Fitness
  4:45 PM
Fellowship Dinner
  6:00 PM Prayer Service
  Wacky Wednesdays for Children
Thursday, July 31
  8:00 AM Mimi and Me Fitness, FLC
  College Lake Party departure
Friday, August 1
Saturday, August 2

July 20, 2014 Summary


Weekly Ministry Budget Need:

$        29,054

Ministry Budget Gifts July 14-20

$        17,444

Wkly Needs Exceed Gifts July 14-20

$       -11,610

Total Month-to-Date Gifts

$        83,444


Found Faithful Gifts July 14-20
$          1,917
Total Month-to-Date Gifts: $         10,663
Commitments to date: $       921,175  
Total Gifts to date beginning 1/1/12 $       844,925
Sunday School Attendance July 20
Worship Attendance July 20



















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Wednesday Evening - The Gathering

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Activities for Children & Youth

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