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The Spire
August 26, 2014   Vol. 4, No. 34
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Worship With Us
August 31, 2014

Morning Worship, 10:30 AM, in the Sanctuary or Charter Chapel 

Dr. Brian Lee's sermon on this Labor Day weekend is titled  "Help! I Hate My Job." Ephesians 6:5-8 is the scriptural basis for his message which will provide solutions to the struggles that believers sometimes have with their jobs.


Ken Berg will be the guest worship leader of the Sanctuary Choir and congregation this Sunday. Musical offerings will include Ken's joyful arrangement of "Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing," presented by the Sanctuary Choir and  and Treva Medbery's solo presentation of the contemplative "I Want to Be Like Jesus." Guest organist, Dr. Paul Mosteller will be presenting prelude music and accompanying congregational hymns of faith.


If you arrive after worship begins, please be reminded to enter through the front doors of the church only.


Preschool Worship and Kids in Christ

At a designated time during the Worship Service, FOURS and FIVES will be guided to Preschool Worship; children in Grades 1-4 will be guided to Kids in Christ.


Click on ""Podcasts" to access previous sermons.


Extended Teaching Care

August 31, 2014

Laura Tate, Donna Henry, Stacey Stocks, Celia Hatch, Tracy Green, Drew Lawrence, Trudy Jones, Judy Stevens, Irene Jones, Ken Cook, Corri Edwards, Amy Lawrence, Krista Surtees, Adriane Morris, and Victoria Perry.


If you are not able to be here, please find a substitute, and let your coordinator or Corri know as soon as possible.


Children's Sunday
Sunday, Sep 7

Join us September 7 as we celebrate the blessings of our children at Shades Crest Baptist Church. In the morning, we will have a time of worship centered on the worth of a child. This will be followed in the afternoon at 4:00 PM with a seminar for families that will focus on being the spiritual leader of your children. We hope to see you there!


Our Church Family
Love and Sympathy Lisa and Preston Reynolds in the death of her mother, Corinne Donnelly Hart, August 22, 2014; also to Lesley Reynolds and to Ashley and Cliff Nail.


Hospital Concerns

Sara Benefield - Spain Rehab.

Debbie Browning - released

UAB Women's/Children's Center - Marie Simmons

Butch Wright - released


SCBC Family Photos

This Sunday, August 31, IMMEDIATELY AFTER WORSHIP, you will have the opportunity to have you/your family's picture taken for our online pictorial directory. Bring your best smiles to either connector building.

Contact: Laura Strange,

All Are Invited!
Saturday, Sep 6, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM, Shades Crest Baptist Family Life Center

Please join us for a Baby Shower in honor of Beth Anderson, Shades Crest's Children's Ministry Coordinator.


Date:          Saturday, September 6

Time:         10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Location:    Shades Crest Baptist Family Life Center

Contact:     Corri Edwards,

Contact: Corri Edwards,

Toward a Five Year Plan

Message from Brian Lee:


Last Wednesday night the church adopted a plan that will help guide us for the next five years.  Because of the importance of this plan, I will be writing a series of articles for the Spire that will explain the overall concept of the plan, along with the specifics. I hope that this will answer more of your questions and will increase your sense of expectancy for the future.


First, I want to address the overall concept of the plan. For years most churches that did any long-range planning followed what I would call a “map” model of planning.  By that, I mean that very detailed plans were drawn that identified goals and/or objectives, action plans to reach those objectives, and dateable criteria for evaluation.  It is a model that many organizations used beyond the church world in an attempt to be more strategic in their work.


While the “map” approach had many worthy benefits, church leaders have increasingly found that the pace of change quickly made their plans obsolete long before the plan was to expire.  So new more adjustable approaches to planning were needed.  With this in mind, the ministerial staff followed a more “compass” approach to planning. 


This approach identified the general direction to which we sense that God is drawing us. However, unlike the “map” approach, there is less specificity about how to move forward.  Instead, details will unfold along the way.  This approach requires discernment on our part as we sense the leadership of the Spirit within us as we seek to live into the future God has for us.


This “compass” model led us to identify five big-picture issues that we believe will impact our future as a congregation. In the weeks to follow, I will use this space to explore each of these five issues so that you will be better informed as to what we’re trying to accomplish as a congregation.  Then along the way, we will give updates on our progress as we discover more of where God is leading us.


In the meantime, I hope you will continue to pray for our church as we seek to be faithful to the unfolding vision God has for us.



Welcome Area

We appreciate all our Sunday School/Worship greeters who are doing a wonderful job each Sunday.  Make sure that you introduce yourself to them as you come through the door in the mornings.  We are thankful for this team's dedication. 


The greeters are wearing name tags and are prepared to introduce themselves and direct guests to an appropriate class. If you would like to be part of this ministry team and would like more information, please contact Byron Smith at or call the Church Office at 822-1360 and speak with Julie Chester or Denis Tanner.


We now have an official Welcome Area located in the Gallery (by the Music Hall, outside the Fellowship Hall). You will find Ken Boyd, with a team of others, welcoming guests, answering questions and helping them get to Sunday School classes.


We can all invite others and let them know where to enter our facilities. If you have Sunday School duties and can't personally meet them at the doors, please let the greeters know to watch for these guests. Write a note for the greeters, including the guests' names and a description of an appropriate class.



Coming September 10 - Midpoint

Join with us for an updated approach to Wednesday nights at Shades Crest.  Along with our regular activities, there will be a special time of worship that will lead into our Bible study.  All ages will have opportunities to be spiritually refreshed in the middle of the week. 



Crest Fest Organizational Meeting

School is back in session, football games are starting, and cooler weather is on the horizon. It's that time of the year again - time to get ready for Crest Fest! If you love organizing, outreach, or decorating we could use your help. Join us September 3 at 7:20 PM in Room 229 for a meeting to discuss this year's Crest Fest. If you have any questions, contact Beth Anderson at


New Ministry Opportunity

Shades Crest Women on Mission has begun a Medical Equipment Ministry. Join us, bringing cleaning cloths and bucket, on Tuesday, September 2, 10:00 AM, at the Family Life Center. We will enjoy fellowship, clean the equipment, and eat lunch together. Bring a sandwich; beverages will be provided.


Please call Mary Swedenburg at 403-9941 or the Church Office if you will serve in preparation for this needed ministry. "we are labourers together with God."  I Cor.3:9


Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed to work at the Family Life Center one night each month from 7:00-9:00 PM. If you would be willing to help out in this way, please call Dale Stringfellow at 822-1750 or 903-3079.


LLL Mystery Lunch Events
Thursday, Sep 4, 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM

For those who are available during the daytime and would like to go out for lunch, there are three mystery lunch events scheduled for 2014:

  • Thursday, Sept. 4    (11:00 AM Departure)
  • Tuesday, Oct. 21     (11:30 AM Departure)
  • Monday, Nov. 10     (10:30 AM Departure)

You will enjoy both the lunch and the fellowship.  We will meet at the Family Life Center and depart from there via the church vans.  We will return to the FLC no later than 1:30 PM.  No reservation is necessary.


Shades of Adventure - Trip to Amish Country and Hershey, Pennsylvania

Please be reminded that final payments are due Thursday, August 28. Mail your checks to Connection Tours, P.O. Box 2612, Birmingaham, AL 35206 (no credit cards accepted). Please contact Clara Brennan at 822-7323 with your questions.


Women on Mission
  • Women on Mission will meet Tuesday, September 2, 10:00, in the FLC for some ''hands on'' mission work. Please bring cleaning cloths, buckets, husbands, and a sandwich for your lunch.
  • September is the month for our church's emphasis for State Missions.  Please note in your envelope box the special envelope for the Kathleen Mallory Offering.  We wish to be a part of the missions work that we do in our state.
  • Remember the Arts and Crafts Fair on Saturday, October 5.  If you would like to be a vendor, please call Donna Henry, 822-7785 or the Church Office, 822-1360. Volunteers are needed that day, as we will be opening our doors to the community.
Contact: Mary Swedenburg, 403-9941

Women's Bible Study

Wednesdays, beginning September 3, 2014

9:15-11:00 AM, FLC Fireside Room


Join us for a twelve-week prayer study (will conclude before Thanksgiving) titled "Live a Praying Life."

Contact: Krista Surtees, 835-7276

Kiddie Keeper Collection

Help restock our supply of kiddie keepers! If you are the parent or grandparent of a preschooler (or former preschooler) and any of our "kiddie keeper" bracelets or clips has made it home with you, please return it to the basket located outside room 123 as soon as possible.  Thank you!

Contact: Corri Edwards,

Students/Young Adults
Retreat 78
Friday, Sep 12 - Saturday, Sep 13

Retreat 78 for 7th and 8th graders is a time to help them establish and develop a quiet time and understand why a quiet time is helpful in building their relationship with Jesus.


Cost is $60 and includes 2 meals (Saturday breakfast and lunch), transportation, notebook, special activities, and a great time with old and new friends.


Students will need to bring $ for their Friday night meal.


Participants and Parents are asked to attend a meeting Wednesday, September 10, at 7:15 PM in Room 223 after CROSStRAINING.


SALT applications due August 27

Submit an application to Denis Tanner or drop it by the Church Office, by THIS  Wednesday, August 27. Applications are downloadable from the youth page of the church website.

Student Adult Leadership Team is a committee of students (7th-12th grade) and adults. SALT evaluates youth events and programs and takes responsibility for activities. Each grade has a representative of their peers on this committee, along with the Student Minister and the Student Advisory Committee. This committee is the pulse of our youth group!


The first SALT Meeting will be Sunday, September 3, 7:20 PM, in Room 222.



Don't Waste Your Life - for Students and Families
Sunday, Sep 14, 4:00 PM, Fellowship Hall

Join us for an afternoon session with Scott Kindig, Super Summer speaker and Associate Pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Atlanta, Georgia. 


Scott will be providing practical followup to Brian Lee's Sunday morning message, including steps to take to avoid wasting your life. This event is free and will be followed by a dinner ($3) and a brief meeting of coming events, which will be led by Denis Tanner and Hiram Rollo.


Please feel free to invite other student families.

Contact: Denis Tanner,

Shades Crest Calendar
Fellowship Supper

Menu for All: August 27

chicken and dressing casserole, English peas, salad, roll, dessert


Contact Lynda Ellison in the Church Office, or 822-1360, to add your name to the new supper reservation list.



Weekend Minister on Call

August 29-31      Mark Johnson      531-8698


August 31-September 6
Sunday, August 31


Orchestra Rehearsal this week

   9:15 AM

Sunday School
10:30 AM Morning Worship
             NO Afternoon/Evening Activities
Monday, September 1
        Church Office and FLC will be closed
Tuesday, September 2
  8:00 AM Mimi and Me Fitness, FLC
10:00 AM Women on Mission, FLC
Wednesday, September 3
  9:00 AM
Adult Fitness
  4:45 PM

Fellowship Supper

  5:55 PM

Preschool/Children's Choirs

  6:00 PM

Prayer Service



  6:35 PM

Preschool/Children's Missions

  7:00 PM

Adult SS Teacher Prep. Mtg.


Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal


Crest Fest Meeting, R. 229

  7:20 PM

SALT Meeting, R. 222

Thursday, September 4
  8:00 AM Mimi and Me Fitness, FLC
11:00 AM Senior Adult Mystery Lunch
Friday, September 5
Saturday, September 6

August 24, 2014 Summary


Weekly Ministry Budget Need:

$       29,054

Ministry Budget Gifts Aug. 18-24

$       14,426

Wkly Needs exceed Gifts Aug. 18-24

$     - 14,628   

Total Month-to-Date Gifts

$     100,605


Found Faithful Gifts Aug. 18-24
$         2,235   
Total Month-to-Date Gifts: $       16,977
Commitments to date: $     921,175 
Total Gifts to date beginning 1/1/12 $     863,855   
Sunday School Attendance August 24              491  
Worship Attendance August 24              555



















Shades Crest Baptist Church

452 Park Avenue

Birmingham, AL 35226


PH (205) 822-1360



9:15am Sunday School

10:30am Worship


Wednesday Evening - The Gathering

4:45pm Fellowship Dinner

6:00pm Prayer Service

Activities for Children & Youth

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