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The Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions is an autonomous and indepen dent association of 75 local Baptist associations. Shades Crest makes contributions through the State Convention to the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention. That money is sent to Montgomery where it is divided and distributed to many entities. 57.7% stays in Alabama and 42.3% is sent on the SBC.

For 2012, Shades Crest budgets 2% of every dollar given to the Shades Crest ministry budget for Cooperative Baptist Missions.

Each person who completes a pledge card may declare how this 2% will be disbursed. One can choose for the entire 2% to go to Alabama CBF; or to Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions; or for 1% to go to ALCBF and 1% to go to ALBSBOM.

Contact: Mark Johnson, mjohnson@shadescrest.org

AL SBC CP Sheet 2019-Shades Crest

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