Antarctica Partnership

Shades Crest’s partnership with the chaplaincy of Chapel of the Snows, McMurdo Station, Antarctica marks the beginning of our missional presence on the sixth of seven continents.  At present, Shades Crest will, from time to time, provide books requested by the chaplains for the Chapel library at McMurdo and the related South Pole station.  Protestant chaplains provided by the New York State Air National Guard and Catholic chaplains provided through the Christchurch, New Zealand diocese serve about 5,000 persons during summer (October to February) and about 1,000 during winter.  Those who live and work in Antarctica are mostly engaged in scientific observation and research and represent about 15 of the 45 cooperating treaty nations.  It is our prayer that by providing books we shall share ultimately in helping influence persons of several nations to know and follow Christ.

Contact: Bill Cowley

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