Sunday Morning Bible Study Connect Groups 9:15 am

Preschool (Babies – Kindergarten)
Department Teacher
Bed Babies Julie Smith, Kanita Reed, Cathy Adams
1 yr old Frances Skelton, Dianne Carver
2 yr old Londa Pate, Richard Bratton
3 yr old Carol Sims, Shay Hammonds
4 yr old Janna Copeland
Kindergarten Pam Thompson
Children (1st – 4th Grades)
Grade/Age Teacher
1st Grade Mary & Bob McLaughlin, Alyssa Guthrie
2nd Grade Laura Bonner, David Henry, Leslie Sasser
3rd Grade Kelly Baker, Sally Coulson, Leah Gibbs, Mara Swaika
4th Grade Bob & Edith Collins, Len Bass, Sandy Flynn
Preteen (5th-6th Grade)
Grade Teacher
5th Grade Jon & Meredith Hornsby
6th Grade Sheila Bridges, Barbara Bratton, Jay Elmore
Youth (Grades 7-12)
Grade Teacher
7th Girls Julie Buford, Leigh Smith
8th Girls Cathy Bearden, Joyce Roberson
7th & 8th Boys Jon Buford, Trey Dowdey, Brian Hammonds
9th Girls Sandy Johnson, Heather Smith
9th Boys Glenn Bridges, Hubert Couch
10th & 11th Girls Abby Day, Kym Mitchell
10th Boys Matt Bearden, Chris Perry
11th Boys Jimbo Auchmuty, Jason Sasser
12th Boys & Girls
Rob Compher, Patti Tanner

Sunday Morning Bible Study Connect Groups  9:15 am

Greeters at entrances can direct you to our Welcome Center where you will find classroom locations and directions.

Adult Bible Study Sunday AM

Welcome! We are glad you are looking to join a Sunday morning connect group. The following groups are Sunday School classes that adults attend to help us grow in our walk with Christ and help us connect to other people interested in this journey. Last name of teachers and rooms are listed below. You are encouraged to visit more than one class.

Mens Room Ladies Room Coed Room
College 253
Dr. Ray Thompson 246 Rita Lakeman 254 Young Professionals 242
Dr. Sigurd Bryan, Bill Paracca 102 Linda Tucker 248 Tony Hankins 260
Owen Coulson
255  Sally Turner 103 Dr. James Strange 259
    Mamie Van Dyke 247 Jim Day 252
    Joy Sinclair 104 Clella Lee, Monte & Janet Erwin 251
    La Donna Gibbs 101 Todd Rath 229
        Ken Mooney 245
        Bob Gray 206
        Dr. Fred Kelley 204
        Ron Musgrove 202
        John Allan 250
        Ken Cook, Kay Barnes 244