College Students meet Sunday mornings in room 260 at 10:00 am

Contact Denis to find out what activities are planned for college students,

Adopt-A-College Student Ministry (8 months)

Suggestions: Invite the student out to eat or to your home during the week. Pray for the student regularly. Phone/text them periodically. Provide the use of the washer and dryer. Provide a quiet place to study, or to hang out. Meet them for coffee close to their campus once a month or when you have time. Students miss their home life. Let’s make them feel at home. Interested?  Call the Church Office or talk with Denis Tanner.

Whitewater Rafting

August 6, 2017

2020 Mission Trip

2020 Global Mission Trip

Be on the look out for more details. We are looking at the end of May 2020 but we have not finalized the details yet. Check with Denis for information about how to start raising money now to help cover the cost of the trip.