The time has come for our church to nominate men and women to the office of Deacon.  The process is listed below, as well as the desired attributes of a deacon.  A list of those presently serving is listed below. They are NOT eligible for re-election this year.  Each church member will have one ballot to submit ten (10) nominees; the ten nominees receiving the highest number of votes, who meet the qualifications and who are willing to serve will be deemed duly elected by the church.  The ballot must be signed and must be in the Church Office no later June 25, 2017 to be counted.

Notes regarding deacon election process:
–    Each church member may nominate up to 10 names.
–    The eligible nominees are reviewed by the Diaconate Screening Committee in order of votes received.
–    The listing of those elected will be presented to the church by the end of September.

Desired attributes of a Deacon

(a)    A deacon should show concern for the lost in our community and demonstrate this concern through living exemplary Christian principles.

(b)    A deacon should be active within the organized church and keep informed as to its ministry and needs.

(c)    A deacon should place the ministry of the church above personal ambitions.

(d)    A deacon should support the ministries of the church through exemplary character and participation in its ministries, through Christian stewardship of money, giving generously and unselfishly to the church, with the tithe being the goal through regular visitation to the membership and un-enlisted, and through vocal defense of this church when it is under attack.

(e)    A deacon shall demonstrate commitment to the church through a pattern of service in at least one other role of ministry service or church leadership, either currently or in the past.

(f)    A deacon should respond cheerfully to opportunities of service within the church when such opportunities are presented.

(g)    A deacon should attend all regular meetings of Diaconate and if unable to do so must advise
the chair or vice-chair, or some other active deacon of the reason for the absence.

The following are now serving on the Diaconate and are ineligible for re-election for this church year:

Rotating off in 2017:
Matt Bearden, Charlotte Bragg, David George, Gary Jordan, Rod Marshall, Debbie Musgrove, Charlotte O’Barr, Steve Patterson, Vic Simmons, Ray Thompson.

Rotating off in 2018:
Owen Coulson, Laura Ellison, Hardy Green, Rita Lakeman, Bunker Medbery, John Mitchell, James Strange, Lee Surtees, Chuck Williamson, George Winslow.

Rotating off in 2019:
Cathy Bearden, Ben Byerly, Ken Cook, Hubert Couch, Monte Erwin, Brian Hammonds, John Morris, J.D. Powell, Todd Rath, Dale Stringfellow.

Click here to download and print a Deacon Nomination form.