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Shades Crest Baptist Church In The Interim
With the retirement in August of 2020 of Dr. Brian Lee as Senior Pastor, our church has been called to make adjustments and changes. The good news is that God has gifted the body of Shades Crest Baptist Church with capable leadership and a loving membership. Together we will continue to navigate these days in love, peace, and unity to honor Christ and serve Him as a community of faith, formed in Christ, for the glory of God and the sake of others.

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  • Denis Tanner, Interim Sr. Pastor
  • Mark Johnson, Assoc. Pastor of Congregational Life Ministries
  • Hiram Rollo, Assoc. Pastor of Worship and Music Ministry
  • Whitney Battle, Children and Preteen Minister
  • Leah Gibbs, Preschool Minister

There have been plenty of challenges this past year for all of us. Difficult times can remind us of our need to walk with the Lord daily. Challenges can be a great thing for us to have even though most people would rather not face hard times. Sometimes our challenges are only for us, and other times the challenge can be for family and even our spiritual family – the church. Whatever you are facing in this life, I encourage you to take each day and make sure you have time to abide with Jesus. As a person who loves the Lord and this body of believers, I know that we can grow closer to the Lord and to one another in the days ahead if we will also continue the mission of the church. We are called to mature and be more and more like Christ as we share the Good News of Christ with our community.

I am encouraged to minister with our current staff, with you, other members of Shades Crest, and our community. I admit, in this new role, my need for the Lord’s presence and power to guide me and to help lead our Shades Crest family.  God is present and at work.

Please read and accept the challenges below if you are able.

Challenge 1
Focus on your own transformation
 in Christ and be open to what He wants to do in your life. Take time to listen to the Holy Spirit.

Challenge 2
Pray for our church
 that we may be as one body, unified and overflowing with love to reach this community for Christ.

Challenge 3
Read God’s Word Together. 
To help us focus on Christ daily and to grow in faith as one church family, I am asking church members and those interested, to read the same scriptures in our own time with the Lord. We have the opportunity to make ourselves available to God throughout each day; one way to do this is to slow down and listen to Him.

Challenge 4
Join a Crest Community Group. 
Groups of 3-5 people (gender-based and intergenerational) will meet approximately 45 minutes weekly between September and December in order to encourage and challenge one another in our faith journey. We want members (also, non-members are welcome) to be in groups together so that we can all grow a step closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. Groups can meet virtually or in person. Indicate on the form your best time to meet and if you are willing to lead a group. If you already have a group, you can register as well. Participants are asked to commit to challenge 3 and read scripture daily. If you are willing to commit to being in a group, please click the button above to fill out the Crest Community Group form