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 30 Days with Jesus: A Children’s Guide to Reading the Bible Daily
Begins today. Please send in your devotions by Sunday May 13.

It’s been said it can take up to 30 days to develop a new habit. What exactly is a “habit”?

habit:  behavior or a practice we regularly follow until it becomes a part of who we are and something we do often.

We all have good habits and we probably all have some not so good habits. For the month of June, let’s all focus on beginning a good habit of spending time each day reading the Bible, praying, and spending time with God. In order to help us do this well, all children of Shades Crest are invited to write and submit a devotion to be included in the 30 Days with Jesus booklet.  sample devotion

Here are the specific instructions designed to help guide you as you write.

·         Choose a scripture verse or a short passage of scripture from the New Testament. You might want to choose something from the book Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John. These are the books of the Bible that tells us the most about Jesus, but you can use anything from the New Testament.

·         Read the verse or passage and then think about what it means to you and what it tells you about Jesus or about how God wants us to live. In your own words tell us what the verse or passage means to you or what you can learn from the scripture.

·         Write your thoughts down or have your parents type them for you. Devotions may be any length, but should be less than 200 words total.  (See the sample below. The sample is a total of 151 words.) Older children are encouraged to share more if they would like to do so.

·         Write a short prayer at the end of your devotion.

Please submit all devotions to Suzanne at sreece@shadescrest.org by Sunday, May 13. Devotional booklets will be distributed prior to June 1st.  Devotional guides will include instructions and encouragement for how to use the guide each day. Children are encouraged to use the 30 days of the month of June to focus on spending time with Jesus each day.

**Note to Parents**

Feel free to guide your child in thinking about the scripture passage, but be sure the devotion is made up of your child’s words. Some questions you might want to ask to encourage their thinking:

1.       What does this verse/passage make you think about?

2.       What questions do you have about this verse/passage?

3.       What do you think Jesus is saying to us in this verse/passage? (if the verse/passage is from the Gospels and is something Jesus said) If the verse/passage is from something Paul wrote, ask: what was Paul trying to teach/tell the people to whom he was writing?

4.       What can you learn from this verse/passage?


June 1, 2018
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Suzanne Reece