USING REALM – Log into Realm at
Realm will open on the NEWS page. You will see a menu of selections on the left:

News – Realm will default to the “News” page and will display any recent news that has been posted by the church or any groups you are in.
Inbox– “Inbox” displays messages that have been sent to you and you can send messages to people without having their email address. When a message is sent, the recipient will receive an email that they have a message and a notification on their smartphone if they have the Realm Connect App.
Chat – “Chat” allows for instant communication between you and another person.

Events: Events will show any calendar events posted for the congregation or for any of the groups you belong to.

Giving: Giving will show your contributions to the church. The default setting shows your giving for the current calendar year, but if you click on the “funnel” shaped icon above the “year to date” indicator, you can filter the results to show different date ranges. The print icon will allow you to download a .pdf of the giving record that you can print. The right pane will show your current and past pledges. NOTE: No one except you and the Financial Manager has the ability to view your giving information. If you have questions about any of the giving information, please contact Laura Strange in the church office.

Groups: Groups will list the Shades Crest committees and teams you are a part of. After clicking on a group, you can do the following:

•  Use the three circular icons to add a new post, add a photo or add an event (leaders only).
•  News will provide posts and events with the most recent at the top. Select any of the posts or events to reply to and add to the discussion. If you attach a file to your post then the file will show both within your post as well as the Files tab.
•  Participants will show all the members of the group.
•  Files is one of the best features in Realm. It provides a central place to share files within your group.

Find Groups: This page lists the groups that are available for you to consider joining. Take time to look and see what the church members are doing.

Directory: The Directory lists all active Shades Crest members. Clicking on a member’s name should pull up a page with contact and personal information that that person allows you to see. To send a message to the person, click the “Chat” icon under the person’s name and follow the prompts.

Access your settings by clicking your name in the upper right corner of the screen and select from the drop-down menu. This is where you can update your personal contact information that is used for the church office membership database:

My Profile – Select “My Profile” to review your contact information. Select “Edit Profile” to edit any of your contact or personal information. There is a “Contact Information” tab and “Personal Information” tab.

Manage Privacy – Privacy is in regards to your contact information such as address, phone and email address that is shown to others on the Shades Crest Realm site. No one outside Realm could ever see this information. By default, your privacy settings are set so only Group Leaders + Church Staff can see your contact information. It is important that you change your privacy setting to “Everyone” so your contact information is available to everyone in the Realm Directory. This will make the Directory much more useful to everyone.

Manage Account – this is where you can change the password for your account and update your payment methods used for giving and paying for events.

Email Settings – select “Email Settings” to personalize the frequency of email notifications for each group that you belong to.

Sign Out – select to log out of Realm.