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preschool and childrenSuzanne Reece, Minister to Children & Families.

Shades Crest is currently looking for a Preschool Coordinator.
Please find the job description below.
Resumes may be sent to Suzanne Reece at sreece@shadescrest.org.


Principal Function:

As the Preschool Coordinator, this individual is responsible to the church through the assigned minister for planning, developing, coordinating, conducting and evaluating a comprehensive educational, recreation and ministry program for preschoolers.


  • Enlist, train and motivate organization leaders and workers.
  • Advise in the use of program materials, equipment, supplies and facilities for pre-school children.
  • In consent with the other ministers, plan and conduct special projects.
  • Coordinate outreach programs for children in the assigned age groups and lead workers to visit prospects and absentees.
  • Lead the preschool committee in determining the goals, organization, leadership facility requirements, budget, and administration of the pre-school ministry.
  • Prepare reports necessary to keep the pastor, the church, and committees fully informed concerning the preschool ministry.
  • Maintain a consistent program of self-improvement.
  • Support and fully participate in the outreach programs of the church.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the pastor.


Birth – Kindergarten
Sundays at 9:15 am

Preschoolers at Shades Crest participate in classes where active, hands-on learning takes place.  Our youngest children feel safe and secure in an environment where they are lovingly cared for, quietly talked to and sung to about God’s love for them.  As preschoolers grow and develop, Bible thoughts and stories are reinforced through activities such as Dramatic Play, Creative Art, Blocks, Nature and Puzzles or Manipulatives.

For preschoolers to face a changing and complex world, they will need a foundation of Biblical truths on which they can build their knowledge of God, Jesus and the Bible.  A strong, Biblical foundation will enable them to begin to build their view of the world from a Biblical perspective.  A building is only as strong as its foundation.  Therefore, we believe a strong foundation is essential to the ability to make a decision regarding Christ in later years.


Grades 1 – 6
Sundays at 9:15 am

The childhood years are foundational years.  Children should not be rushed but allowed to grow and develop as they are ready.  Foundations in structures cannot be rushed and require time to get firm.  Because children are in the process of becoming, our desire is to meet them where they are and challenge them to become all that God has designed them to be.  It is our hope that each child will ultimately choose to accept and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We strive to help children embark on the journey to becoming spiritually transformed into the image of God.  As children become more curious and grow in their faith, learning opportunities are provided for our 1st through 6thgraders in weekly Bible study activities as well as month-long projects.

Child Care

Childcare is provided for all church functions involving the general membership.